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Get Email Header Information

  1. Log into Outlook Web Access. To do so, open a web-browser and go to

  2. Locate the email message that you wish to get the header information for in the middle column of Outlook Web Access.

  3. Open the email in a seperate window by double clicking the email in the middle column of Outlook Web Access. Double Clicking the email in the Reading Pane will not open the email in a seperate window.

'401 UNAUTHORIZED' message from SharePoint after installing Firefox v 30 update on a Mac


'401 UNAUTHORIZED' Message when attempting to browse to a SharePoint site after installing Mozilla Firefox version 30 on a non-Windows operating system

Supported Browsers (SharePoint)

Supported Browsers for SharePoint 2010

For the best user experience we suggest using a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer (8 - 10) to access SharePoint.

Browser Settings for SharePoint

Browser Settings for SharePoint 2010

Most of the common complaints or annoyances with SharePoint 2010 can be prevented by making a few adjustments to your browser settings. 
Here are some examples of the issues these settings will resolve:
  • Repeated login prompts by the browser when moving between pages and sites
  • Certain options in List and Library ribbon menus may be greyed out, or indicate that you do not have permission to use the controls

Log in to SharePoint

Logging In

1. To login to SharePoint click the 'Sign In' button in the top right corner of the site.

2. Your browser should raise a prompt requesting your username and password.

3. Enter your AD username and password and click "OK".

Spam Assassin on Outlook for PC

Creating a Rule in Outlook

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, go to the Rules dropdown on the home screen.

CISUNIX > Microsoft Exchange Starter

1. Open your web browser and go to

2. Click on IT Accounts Management System.

3. Log in using your UNH Username (ITID) and Password.

4. Once logged in, on the left side of your screen, locate and click CIS Unix -> Exchange Transition.

5. Fill out the needed criteria in the web-form. Once submitted, this will create a case for the UNH Accounts team and UNH Exchange team to create your account and Exchange mailbox.

Importing a .PST file into an Online Archive within Outlook 2013

  1. Open Outlook 2013.

  2. Click the File tab in the top left corner.

Connecting to a Printer

  1. Be sure to connect to a secure UNH network.
    • Secure wired connection
    • Secure wireless connection
    • UNH VPN
  2. Press the Start menu button.

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