E-Mail Aliases at UNH

Figure of Two Aliases Pointing to a Single E-Mail AccountUNH E-mail aliases are available for any member of the University community using an E-mail account within the UNH.EDU domain. This document describes what an E-mail alias is, the policies governing their creation and use, and how to create and manage an alias for your own UNH E-mail account.




Frequently Asked Questions about E-mail Aliases

  1. What's an E-mail alias?
  2. How does an alias work?
  3. How do I apply for an alias?
  4. How can I get an alias that points to my off-campus E-mail address?
  5. Can an alias help me separate my personal e-mail from my UNH business E-mail?
  6. I already have an alias, how do I update it?
  7. My name has changed, how do I change my alias?
  8. How can I look-up an alias?
  9. Why is it required that 'campus-wide' aliases must contain at least one period?

Don't see your question about aliases listed here? Then send e-mail to:


which is, you guessed it, the alias for reaching the Alias Administrator.


1. What's an e-mail alias?

An E-mail alias is a mechanism by which sending and receiving E-mail can be simplified. An alias is usually your name or the name of UNH department, program, or organization. Aliases such:




are designed to be more informative and easier to remember than the typical computer log-in account name such as


More importantly, if your actual log-in account or Internet service address should change, correspondents that use your alias need not be aware of this. By simply redirecting your alias to your new address, messages sent to your alias will continue to reach you.

There are three different classes of aliases that are available to the University community Personal, Support, and Private.  Private aliaes are reserved for internal systems operations.  If you are a system administrator, contact tha Alias Admin if you need a private alias.

For UNH faculty, staff, departments, and student organizations: UNH IT offers a Personal and Support E-mail alias system. This service allows the creation of standardized, easy to read E-mail addresses for use on business cards, Web pages, directories, and the like. Personal aliases are created automatically for faculty and staff with the creation of their Exchange email account.  Any UNH affiliated organization may request a support alias, but such aliases must following established naming conventions and point only to local UNH E-mail addresses.

2. How does an alias work?

When E-mail is sent to


the message is received by a system named unh.eduwhich knows to forward the message on to


In order to encourage people to use your alias instead of your physical E-mail address, you will want your alias to be your return address when sending E-mail. You may need to configure your mail agent to use your alias in the or headers on outgoing messages to accomplish this. However, where appropriate, this is done automatically for you if your alias points to an E-mail account on one of the following UNH E-mail systems:

  • cisunix
  • Exchange (maple)
  • Cooperative Extension
  • Sponsored Research
  • IOL

The UNH WildcatsMail system does not currently support this feature.  If you are not sure about your environment, contact your system administrator.

3. How do I apply for an alias?

There are three basic types of aliases available at UNH. Pick the one that's right for you.

  • Personal Alias -- This service is designed for employees of UNH. So long as you have a UNH E-mail account, UNH faculty and staff may have a 'Personal Alias' that points to it. A Personal Alias always contains your family name and always has at least one period. Using some famous names, here are a few typical examples of what a Personal Alias looks like:

  • Support -- A Support Alias is a campus-wide alias that represents an E-mail contact point for a recognized University department or organization. Some (fictitious) examples of support aliases are:


    Descriptive information about the purpose of the alias is requested as part of the application process. (See also FAQ #5 below.)

  • Private -- A Private Alias is a campus-wide alias that is specifically not be published in any directories. Generally such aliases are limited to internal departmental or support functions. Contact the Alias Admin for instructions on how to apply for a Private Alias.

4. How can I get an alias that points to my off-campus e-mail address?

A @UNH.EDU alias may only be directed to an address within a USNH administered unh.edudomain. However there is no restriction to prevent a UNH E-mail account, including a WildcatsMail account, from pointing to an off-campus destination. In other words your alias can point to your UNH address which in turn can forward to your non-UNH address.

5. Can an alias help me separate my personal e-mail from my UNH business e-mail?

Possibly. A lot depends upon your particular E-mail client and the mail tools you have available. Typically the "To:To" field of a message will reflect the actual address the message was sent to. This means that your mail program will often be able to identify messages that were sent to your alias as verses your actual E-mail address.

  • If you are a Microsoft Exchange user, check the Outlook help facility on the subject of managing messages with rules.

  • If you receive your E-mail on cisunix, see:


    for more information on how to manage messages using the tools available on that system.

6. I already have an alias, how do I update it?

Go to the Alias Update Request form to submit an update request.

7. My name has changed, how do I change my alias?

If you have legally changed your name, you should first contact UNH Human Resources if you are a faculty or staff member, or contact the Registrar's Office if you are a student. You have to first make sure that the University in general knows about your new name before your 'computer identity' can be changed to match.

To change your alias name, go to the login into the UNH IT Accounts Management page and follow the "IT Accounts Name Change Request" link on the left.

8. How can I look-up an alias?

If you need help determining if you have personal alias or need more information about your alias, please contact the Alias Admin at the Alias.Admin@unh.edu mailbox.

9. Why is it required that an aliases must contain at least one period?

A technical reason is because computer account names on UNH IT systems never have a period in them. This allows physical E-mail addresses and logical ones (aliases) to coexist in the University's global E-mail system without having problems with 'name collisions' or possible confusion.

But the best reason is because it helps make aliases clearer and easier to remember. The period is simply used wherever a space would appear in a name or phrase. By making an alias the full name of a person, department, or program, it is immediately clear who the alias is reaching. For example, given the E-mail address


do you know if sending a message to that address will reach the "Educational Development Center" or "Ed Chamberson"?

Questions, comments, or suggestions about the info on this page? Please contact the Alias Admin at the Alias.Admin@unh.edu mailbox. (Which is, of course, an alias!)

More general info about E-mail at UNH can be found on the: www.email.unh.edu web pages.